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dicker v : negotiate the terms of an exchange; "We bargained for a beautiful rug in the bazaar" [syn: bargain]

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  • RP: dĭkə(r), /ˈdɪkə(r)/, /"dIk@(r)/
  • GenAm: dĭkər, /ˈdɪkɚ/, /"dIk@`/


  1. to bargain, haggle or negotiate over a sale
  2. to barter


  1. The number or quantity of ten, particularly modifying hides or skins; a daker.
    a dicker of gloves
  2. A chaffering, barter, or exchange, of small wares.
    make a dicker


  • 1866, The dicker, or daker, was ten, and is found, though generally at later times than the period before us, as a measure for hides and gloves. — James Edwin Thorold Rogers, A History of Agriculture and Prices in England, volume 1, page 171





  1. comparative of dick

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Haggling is politely arguing, as told in some circles.
Optimally, if it costs the retailer nothing to engage and allow haggling, he can divine the buyer's willingness to spend. It allows for capturing more consumer surplus as it allows price discrimination, a process whereby a seller can charge a higher price to one buyer who is more eager (by being richer or more desperate). Haggling has largely disappeared in parts of the world where the cost to haggle exceeds the gain to retailers for most common retail items. However, for expensive goods sold to uninformed buyers such as automobiles, haggling can remain commonplace.


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bargain, barter, beat down, bid, bid for, chaffer, cheapen, deal, drive a bargain, haggle, higgle, huckster, jew down, negotiate, negotiation, outbid, palter, trade, underbid
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